Known Issues for Campus Life

If you happen to find an issue which is not on this list, please contact your authorized support representitive.

Issue Description
10119 Campus Life will not run on a BlackBerry if the user does not have an SD card, even if the application does not have any modules that would require storage.
10303 If a user enters their Mobile Web account using Campus Life and then tries to log out they will be taken to the Valence sign-in screen. If they then hit the back key to try to re-launch Mobile Web, they will still be logged into their account.
10834 When trying to log into any Campus Life module using a Nexus 7, the user is shown the full desktop site instead of the mobile login page.
11382 The phone module will not be able to successfully call an extension when activated using a Galaxy SIII (4.0.4). The phone number will dial successfully but the extension will need to be added manually.
11590 The data available for Android page visits is being incorrectly reported and over-represents actual user engagement. The statistics on the number of Android users show significantly higher uptake than what is actually happening.
11614 Autocomplete functionality does not work in the Classlist module.
11681 When using App Builder to create a Campus Life application, the build will fail if the total size of all of the modules is greater than 5MB. This may occur if any large files are embedded within the application, including: a website, .pdf files, image files, .doc files, .ppt files, or .xls files. This is for Blackberry only.
11746 When an iPad user running iOS6 tries to perform an iTunes search using various keyword filters (such as their school name or Desire2Learn), a message is returned from Apple saying no applications can be found. This is a widely reported Apple App Store issue.
11836 Students can access their grades via the mobile client despite a date restriction in place. A user can add a date restriction within Learning Environment but the mobile client does not inherit those restrictions. As a result, a student user is able to view their grades before the designated date via the mobile app. As a workaround, set each grade item to have the same restriction as the grade category.

Note: a fix is available for this issue in Service Pack 12 for Learning Environment 9.4.1.
11841 After installing the Campus Life Notification service and restarting the service, it can take up to 48 hours for the service to stabilize before notifications begin sending.
11868 If a screen reader user tries to use the Record Audio feature in ePortfolio, the screen reader will have a critical failure. The user cannot restart the screen reader to recover.
11917 Any apps built between the October and November release will receive an error message when they open for the first time or after a device reboot.

Note: a fix is available in the latest release, please rebuild and resubmit your application to the App Store.